Blood Diamonds and How to Avoid Buying Them

Throughout the world there pocket of the world with precious diamonds and colored stones. Most of which are mined by unions and large companies, but in certain parts of the world though these pockets are uncontrolled mined by child slaves, and the very poor in inhuman, and terrible conditions. These are called blood diamonds and blood gems. These blood diamonds illegally get themselves into the market and are untraicable because a diamond is a diamond. These diamonds are uncertified and one would never know if the diamond they have on their finger was mined in unjust circumstances. You wouldn’t know if someone had died for that diamond. I want to establish a way to profit off of this evil as well as help save the world. I want lobby to require/ raise awareness for a diamond certification. This would entail that all diamonds going through the gemological institute of america be registered in a database which includes previous owners as well as origens. Then the diamond is laser engraved a serial number. ┬áThis idea would make it simple to find the history of your jewelry. Have the piece of mind that no one died or was working in terrible conditions for it. You would want a grading report and history/ previous owners of a car. why would you get something of equal value and not want a report. But this concept would need to be heavily advertised so it can gain the public’s opinion. Then these more expensive (because of the grading report) diamonds and gems will be the standard for a well run jewellery business.But in order to heavily profit one would need to invest in the gemological institute of america and or run a campaign against the idea, and accept bribes from the illegal terrible miners with unjust work conditions because they still want to sell their diamonds.

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